Full Valet

This valet includes:

  • Spray non caustic traffic film remover on lower half of car wheel arches and tyres.
  • Clean grease from door shuts and steam clean
  • Clean brake dust from wheels using non caustic wheel cleaner
  • Rinse entire car with high pressure steam cleaner.
  • Using the 2 bucket system (as explained in the wash section) wash entire vehicle.
  • Micro towel dry
  • Full Interior Hoover of the Seats crevices, floor, glove box and door pockets
  • Hoover boot and the carpet mat
  • Shampoo boot carpets and mat
  • Shampoo / Clean the parcel shelf
  • Shampoo roof and side linings
  • Clean Dashboard
  • Clean all door cards
  • Clean ALL lower plastics
  • Clean the pedals
  • Clean the A pillars
  • Clean the Door Pillars
  • Unreel all seat belts and clean them
  • Clean and degrease steering wheel and stalks
  • Clean and degrease gear lever and handbrake
  • Shampoo the Front seat**
  • Shampoo the Rear seats**
  • Lift up the rear seats where applicable hoover and shampoo underneath
  • Shampoo / Steam Clean Over Mats
  • Shampoo ALL Carpets
  • Clean and degrease foot pedals
  • Clean inside the Glove Box
  • Clean all the Dashboard
  • Dress dashboard with satin finish dressing
  • Brush the air vents and crevices to remove dust
  • Polish all inside glass
  • Polish Dashboard glass
  • Polish Vanity mirrors and interior mirror
  • Dress wheel arches
  • Dress tyres
  • Remove tar spots from car
  • Dress exterior plastics
  • Paint protection applied
  • Buff with micro towel
  • Polish exterior glass
  • Dry Interior of car
  • Inspect entire vehicle

Prices from £99

Time taken 4-5 Hours
 Optional extras:
Machine Polishing
Clay Bar
Scotch guard interior (Fabric Protection)
Odour neutraliser
Air Conditioning system sanitiser
Cabriolet Fabric Hood

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